Berkshire/Yorkshire 2001
29th Sept. - 13th Oct.
Photos © Stephan Schrader 2001
The Bremen Recorder Touring Company comprised from left to right Geoff Grainger, Claudia Heinisch, Mechthild Schrader-Rau and Stephan Schrader who was its musical director during the tour.
The initial Berkshire leg of the tour was carried out by Geoff alone, the original plan to "snowball" players from Germany, to Berkshire, to Yorkshire and then back to Germany having fallen through. Geoff set up headquarters in Bracknell and the tour opened on Monday 1st October, 2001 with a Workshop with Paul Clark which had been organised by Jane Minns, director of the Berkshire Recorder Consort at the Easthampstead Baptist Church. The composer, Paul Clark entertained us with a very interesting and amusing evening.
On the following day, Tuesday, Geoff together with Linda Barlow enjoyed the hospitality of Simon Feather who organised a workshop in the Parish Church of St Michael the Archangel, Warfield, Bracknell Forest.
Geoff then went up to Rastrick, Yorkshire on Thursday 4th and was met by John and Veronica Mothersdale who looked after him for the remainder of the tour. Claudia joined the tour on Friday and was met by Geoff at Leeds/Bradford airport and she in turn, was looked after by Paul and Louise Armitage. The party was completed on Saturday with the arrival of Mechthild and Stephan both of whom also stayed with the Mothersdales. Rehearsals commenced!
Sunday morning saw us in St Matthew's Church Rastrick where we played Concerto I by Johann Christian Schickhardt to welcome the worshippers. This was followed in the afternoon by participation in a concert organized by the Calderdale Music Service in the packed auditorium of Brighouse High School.
Starting on Monday, Geoff began a week of daily trips to Cullingworth nr. Keighley, where he participated in a workshop at Parkside School organised by Esther Church.
  • 10th October, Rastrick, Yorks, Recital at St Matthew's Church
  • 11th October, York, A Day with David Grosvenor
We met very many friendly and charming people during the tour and give our thanks and acknowledgements in the tab above.

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Berkshire/Yorkshire Concert Tour

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1st October 2001: Workshop with Paul Clark [More ...]
The workshop, which was organised by Jane Minns, director of the Berkshire Recorder Consort (BRTC), was opened by Paul Clark who introduced his composition Alcaïcs. This he did with gentle good humour, many quips and an extraordinary demonstration of the number of fingerings there were available for the bass recorder on just one particular note. Paul also gave the good advice that an E-flat could not be played then in most cases a B-flat would do as well! Perhaps he had his tongue in his cheek!
Alcaïcs was then followed by a number of Lance Eccles Stampedes which the Company had been introduced to when visiting Katrin Eickhorst-Squire in New Zealand in April 2001. Jane had previously distributed the Stampedes to the BRTC members and all were asked to name their favourites. In this manner, Stampedes of the Baa Lambs, Bogong Moths, Lemmings (Paul's favourite), Hippopotamuses, Jelly Fish and Holy Monks & Incubi. All great light-hearted fun, during which the Berkshire players displayed their proficiency on all recorders. Jane would say something like "Up one!" or "Down one!" upon which the players would take up the next ranged recorder and, without leaving their seats, and continue playing.
The workshop was concluded with Keith Rogers's Two-Tone Rag (Gabrieli Meets Scott Joplin!), a very interesting, modern double-choir work. During the refreshments and get-together, the Company was very kindly presented with the BRTC recordings, October's End and Consort with Voyce by Jane Minns. Later, Paul Clark also very kindly presented a copy of his Alcaïcs. All in all, an overwhelming, happy and very memorable evening.
The Berkshire Recorder Consort members present included Linda Barlow, Fiona Greer, Ann Helmers, Ann Scruby, Ian MacDonald and Roger Syms.
2nd October 2001: Workshop with Simon Feather [More ...]

Drawing © Bracknell Forset Borough Council 2001
This workshop was organised by Simon Feather and held in the Parish Church of St Michael the Archangel, Warfield, Bracknell Forest in Berkshire. Simon was joined by Linda Barlow representing the Berkshire Recorder Consort and Geoff Grainger representing the Company.
For starters, Geoff opened the evening with Piccola Serenata by Antonio Salieri, a gentle start for the following programme. Simon upped the ante with the B-dur Sonata from 2 Sonaten: B-Dur Op. 1/1 Und F-Dur Op. 1/2 by Johann Scherer, a work for three trebles.
Linda's offering was a work by Moore which proved somewhat difficult. Geoff was happy to follow this with a light-hearted Trio For Three Flutes by James Hook. The evening was then rounded off with some items from Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto in G-Minor introduced by Simon.
7th October 2001: Calderdale Music Service [More ...]
The Calderdale Music Service Concert is part of a series of concerts that are normally presented at Square Chapel, Halifax. On this occasion the concert will be performed at Brighouse High School and is essentially for young woodwind and brass players to perform solos, duets etc., along with a few larger ensemble items. On this occaision, the Calderdale Youth Wind Band, Halifax Music Centre Wind Band, and Brighouse High School Ensemble are the performers concerned.The concert which starts at 15.30 is being organised by Trevor Thristan.
The Company is honoured to take part in this concert and will play:
8th-12th October 2001: Workshop at Parkside School [More ...]

Photos © Parkside School 2001
A 5-day workshop organised by Esther Church for young recorder players belonging to Parkside School, Cullingworth near Keighley, Yorkshire took place during the above dates. The players from left to right were Zoë Seager, Melissa Kirkbright, Robyn Dixon, Alex Tidswell, Thomas Mason, Mrs Esther Church (organiser), Katie Johnson and Geoff Grainger who carried out the workshop. The workshop culminated in a lecture/recital given on the final Friday before invited parents, Dr.Tony Rickwood, the Headmaster, and class 8GL as part of their music lesson.
In his lecture, Geoff talked briefly on the workshop, the family of recorder instruments most of which being demonstrated by the workshop participants as well as the aims and objects of both the Bremen Recorder Touring Company and the International Recorder Music Webring
The recital, which Melissa opened by welcoming the parents and introducing the players, comprised the following:
  • 't Hane-en't Henne- gekray by a Flemish composer only known the initials I.H from T Uitenement Kabinet III, a trio for 3 descants
  • A New Dawn by Graham Prescott, a duet for 2 descants but on this occasion the 2nd descant is backed by a tenor
  • Vier Branlen (Reihentanz) from Heft I Danserye by Tielman Susato, a quartet for 2 descant, tenor and bass voices
The recital was recorded with the able assistance of Thomas Mason and the items are contained in a ZIP file which can be downloaded from this website as (3.2 MByte). The Vier Branlen has also be selected to be included in the Recorder Music Webring CD in the aid of UNICEF "Save the Children Fund" and additionally can be heard on Internet Radio at Radio Recorder Music Webring.
The afternoon was rounded off with certificates being awarded to the participants by the Headmaster and Geoff being presented with a generous gift of Choice Yorkshire Ales by the children. Geoff was absolutely delighted! His delight was shared by the children who were allowed to go home early in appreciation of their tremendous efforts made during the week.
All in all, a wonderful and most rewarding experience which the Company would very much like to repeat.
10th October 2001: Rastrick, Yorks, Recital at St Matthew's Church [More ...]
Photos © Veronica Mothersdale 2001
The Bremen Recorder Touring Company was honoured to share the evening with one of England's most promising young players Jill Kemp accompanied by her mother, Hazel Kemp on piano.
The recital raised £100 for the Afghanistan refugee appeal. Many thanks to the parish of St Matthew's and to Mr John Mothersdale for organising an unforgettable evening and to Mr John Lister who took so much trouble in recording the recital.

The Company
Take Five by Paul Desmond
Tango Für Elise by Paul Leenhouts
The Stampedes of Jellyfish and Hippopotamuses by Lance Eccles
Sleepy Lou (1906) by Irene M. Giblin
Jill Kemp
Introduction and Variations Brillantes by Ernest Krähmer
Sonata in C major (Adagio-Allegro, Larghetto, Vivace) by Georg Philipp Telemann
Burlesca Alla Rumba (from 'Suite') by Gordon Jacob
The Company
Ragtime Dance by Scott Joplin
"Bel fiore danca", anon from Codex Faenza, duet with Claudia Heinish and Stephan Schrader
Alexander's Ragtime Band by Irving Berlin
The Richmond Rag (1909) by May Aufderheide
Chattanooga Choo Choo by Harry Warren
Jill Kemp
Sonata in B flat major ( Vivace, Adagio, Allegro) by George F. Handel
Music for a Bird by Hans-Martin Linde
Czardas by Vittorio Monti arranged by Jill Kemp, (Note: originally written for either violin or mandolin)
Finale The Company joined by Jill Kemp
The Teddy Bears' Picnic by John Walter Bratton
Chicken Chowder Rag (1905) by Irene M. Giblin
11th October2001: A Day with David Grosvenor [More ...]
Oops! Still to come ...

Many profound, heartfelt thanks to all those kind, hospitable and helpful people who made the 2001 Berkshire/Yorkshire Tour so enjoyable and memorable.