Chicken Chowder Rag (1905)
Last updated: 28.01.22
Composer: I.M. Giblin Suppliers:    
Editor: Stan Davis Quintet S/D/A/T/B
Publisher: Arcadian Press Publication: AP 050
Quoting from the Arcadian Press notes:
"Chicken Chowder" was published by Jerome H. Remick and Co, Detroit and New York. It was Giblin's first popular hit and was a favourite with string groups because of its chromatic passages. Giblin's music, in general, features a distinctive brand of chromaticism. In " Chicken Chowder" the ascending and descending chromatic scales are used to simulate inversion, therby tying together the A and C strains. The complete form of "Chicken Chowder" is: Introduction AA BB Trio-Intro CC A.

This item was both in the Blue Tuesday and the Bremen Recorder Touring Company repertoires. The latter performed very successfully with some beautiful sopranino playing by Gesa Scharf when performed during Ceilidh 2000.

This recorder adaptation contrasts very much with the sextet version. Here the original range scale is raised by an octave and the dynamics are lightly edited.

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audiomidi15.gif Midi Sakae Watanabe
     Performer CD Title Supplier
cd15.gif Bremen Recorder Touring Company Recorder Ceilidh 2000, BRTC dbe15.gif
cd15.gif Bremen Recorder Touring Company Recorder Recital at St. Mathews dbe15.gif dbe15.gif