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Last updated: 04.07.21
I have played in recorder duos, chamber and orchestra groups on a very amateur basis using recorders ranging from sopranino down to bass. All the listed recorder music, some 1427 items, are in my personal library and are summarised in two indices: an index sorted by composer and an index sorted by settings.
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The transcription of Scott Joplin's works for the recorder has been of special interest. This task which I set myself in 1998 was more or less completed by 2003, the results of which can be seen in my Scott Joplin catalogue. I then went on to transcribe piano works of other ragtime era composers shown on the Ragtime Recorder Music webpage.

These recorder pages contain a great deal of detailed basic information including instruments required, composer, publisher etc. Work on the anecdotes, as in the same style as on my folk-music pages, is well in progress providing a bit more flesh and blood and hopefully will make the whole thing a lot more interesting. Should any recorder enthusiast out there in cyberworld like to add to anecdotes or provide further information on any piece at all listed, then please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

In response to many surfer requests, especially from USA, a special Recorder Sheet Music webpage was provide giving direct access to over 4368 and 1247 items of sheet music (as of 04.07.21) which can be obtained at and my very own Ditty Box Enterprises respectively.

Geoff Grainger, Bremen-Vegesack, March 2003, (revised, Sheffield, Feb. 2017)

Recorder Links

The following links also give a lot of interesting information.

Recorder Groups

I have been a member of the following recorder group and orchestras:

I have also had the privilege of playing the second voice in Recorder Duos and partnering:

  • Frau Koperski (1984)
  • Jutta Meyer (1992-1996)
  • Bettina Kiefner (1996)
  • Nannette Wiethölter (1997)
  • Jutta Köster (née Meyer) (1999-2003)
The modest intention of this webpage is, in the course of time to become a complete discography of all recorder music commercially available by e-commerce on the Internet. Such pages come therefore with a serious health warning :-). Whilst taking every care possible is taken in the complilation of this data, the user should always be aware that the source information at, and is often erroneous and misleading. On line purchasers are strongly advised to carefully check that goods received match the product description. We make no guarantees of any kind whatsoever.
The types of misinformation range from inconsequential spelling mistakes to completely false or irrelevant descriptions. In many cases there are discrepancies between the "Listen to samples" and "On this CD" sections. Work and movement names are often incompletely given. The word "unknown" is used on this webpage to denote that a work or movement cannot be ascribed to a particular composer. In one case, even the the cover is erroneous. All the foregoing is subject to correspondence with Amazon and we are endeavouring to improve the situation. Cave caveat!
Generally speaking, provides the most complete and accurate descriptions whilst comes in at at a reasonable second with trailing at a most miserable third. These comments are intended to be constructive and will hopefully lead to better descriptions for the discerning, recorder music purchasing public.

Geoff Grainger, Sunday, 16th January 2000.

Recorder Artist CDs
I initiated this Recorder Music Webring in the early, heady days when cyberspace was relatively young having not found a suitable webring to join. Therefore became webmaster on 11th April 1999 and with excitement started recruiting like-minded recorder netizens. On my retirement as ringmaster on 22.10.12, the ring had had a total of 109 members. Interest in Webrings has steadily declined but Webrings itself now manages and deems the ring to be viable with still (February 2017) some 15 members.
I remain a member for sentimental reasons and out of loyalty to those stalwart foundation members still remaining. Here I would especially like to name Jill Kemp and Dr Fred Kerstin.

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