Robert A. Amchin 
Last updated: 02.04.23
According to ClassAct, Dr. Robert Amchin is a distinguished music education professor at the University of Louisville. He is a recognized Orff teacher and he leads Orff workshops and conferences all over the world. Outside of his collegiate and workshop responsibilities, Dr. Amchin continues to teach children at a local elementary school in Louisville.
Recorder Sheet Music
Seeds of Discoreovery (D/A/Orff)smp_unav15.gif
Publisher: Sweet Pipes (SP02403)
Seeds of World Discovery (D/A/Perc)smp_unav15.gif
Publisher: Sweet Pipes (SP02406)
     Title Duration Performer
youtube15.jpg Rob Amchin - University of Louisville - First lesson on recorder (process) 5:05 Prof. Robert Amchin