Syker Blockflötenorchester
Last updated: 19.12.19
Conductor: Stephan Schrader
Founded: 1991
Location: Syke, Oldenburg
Founded in June 1991 by a newspaper article in the Weser-Kurier and the Kreiszeitung. There were then about 20 people, of whom today three actively play.
Leader: Stephan Schrader, teacher and department head at the Kreismusikschule.
Playesr: There are currently 18 players . The youngest is just 12 years old, the oldest much older.
Prerequisites: You should definitely be able to read music and play at least one instrument of the recorder family. Of course, making music has to be fun. You have to register with the Kreismusikschule, € 11.00 of fees per month are to be paid (adults pay a little more) and as much as possible to participate in all other activities of the Kreismusikschule or the orchestra.
Instrumentation: From sopranino to the great bass. We also have a sub-bass, but we hardly use it, we lack a large-air man or a woman.
Other instruments: We did a little bit with a singer from the ensemble. That is all. And double-choir pieces with a small mixed choir.
Rehearsals: Every 14 days every Wednesday for 120 minutes. There are also two more rehearsal weekends and rehearsals before the concerts. br Concerts: We can do up to three concerts, but that varies a lot. In 2006 there were just two concerts, in 2007 one more concert.

Last update: May 2007