Rock Around the Clock
Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: M.C Freedman Suppliers:  
Editor: Peter Bullock Quartet D/A/T/B
Publisher: Bosworth Edition Publication:
Rock around the Clock is and always will, of course, be associated with Bill Haley and his Comets (? if my memory serves me right?). I do definitely remember as a 15-year old in 1956 begging, pestering would be a more truthful word, my parents to allow my brother, Peter, to see the film of the same name at the Gaumont Cinema, Worcester. There had been a lot of furore in the papers what with dancing in the aisles and seat-slashing and all that. It was mildly disappointing that nothing of the sort took place in staid old Worcester, England.
So, it is a little surprising after all these many years later that such a quiet instrument as the recorder gets its chance of doing a bit of rockin' thanks to Peter Bullock's arrangement. It is straightforward enough but the performance notes requiring stand up and sit down are somewhat frowned upon by some of the more elderly, stuffier (no names mentioned) players I have met in Germany.
This arrangement may be found in Rockin' Recorders.