Folk Ragtime 1899-1914
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Stomp Off
Designation: Stomp Off Records
Release Date: 21 July, 1998
Works performed by David Thomas Roberts
  1. Blue Blazes, Arthur Lynn Sizemore
  2. A Tennessee Tantalizer (1900) (A Southern Tickler), Charles H. Hunter
  3. A Tennessee Jubilee (1899), Thomas E. Broady
  4. Tickled to Death (1899), Charles Hunter
  5. Poison Rag, Calvin Lee Woolsey
  6. Scizzor Bill, Logan Sizemore
  7. The Dockstader Rag (1912), Les C. Copeland
  8. Camp Meeting Melodies, John W. Boone
  9. Blind Boone's Southern Rag Medley No. 2 (Strans from the Flat Branch), John W. "Blind" Boone
  10. Felix Rag (A Phenomenal Double Ragtime Two Step), H.H. McSkimming
  11. Pirate Rag, E.A. Windell
  12. Medic Rag (1910), Calvin Lee Woolsey
  13. Just Ask Me (1902), Charles Hunter
  14. Why We Smile (1903), Charles Hunter
  15. Cotton Bolls (1901), Charles Hunter
  16. Possum and Taters (1900) (A Ragtime Feast), Charles Hunter
  17. The Black Cat Rag (1905), Frank Wooster/Ethyl B. Smith
  18. X. L. Rag (1903), Lee Edgar Settle
  19. Barn Dance Shuffle
  20. Whittling Remus (1900), Thomas E. Broady
  21. Lover's Lane Glide, Calvin Lee Woolsey