Unpublished Manuscript
Last updated: 04.04.21

Unpublished Manuscript has 47 publications posted in these webpages. They include 15 items of recorder music in my own library, 6 books in my own library and 32 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Author Supplier
book15.gif  Geoff Gee Songbook Vol. 1 Geoff Grainger
book15.gif  Geoff Gee Songbook Vol. 2 Geoff Grainger
book15.gif  Geoff Gee Songbook Vol. 3 Geoff Grainger
book15.gif  Geoff's Choral Odds and Ends. Miscellaneous
book15.gif  A Mum's (Mostly Musical) Memories Peggy Grainger
book15.gif  Tyneside Maritime Chorus Songbook Benny Graham
     Title Composer Instruments Remarks
sm15.gif Allegro/Menuett Anon A/T/T/B
sm15.gif Anchor che c'ol partire Cyprian de Rore A(D)/A(T)/T/B
sm15.gif Andante Cantabile Antonio Vivaldi D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Four French Love Songs Miscellaneous S(D)/D/T/B
sm15.gif Io canterei d'amor si novamente Cyprian de Rore A/A(T)/T/B
sm15.gif Io canterei d'amor si novamente Cyprian de Rore T/B
sm15.gif Largo George F. Handel D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Manuscript Music Book Miscellaneous A
sm15.gif Pastorale Johann Sebastian Bach T/T/T
sm15.gif Pastorale Felice Giardini D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Prelude Gustave Charpentier S(D)/D(A)/A(T)/B
sm15.gif Sheep Shearing, The Traditional D(S)/D(S)/A/T/B
sm15.gif Tell Me What You See John Lennon D/A/T/B
sm15.gif Trio James Hook D/A/T
sm15.gif  Ümkdar'a Gider Iken Ahmed Adnan Saygun D/A/T/B
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif Two to Play a Mixed Double (1930) George Arthurs(w&m)
sm15.gif 10th Street Rag (1914) Euday Louis Bowman
sm15.gif 6th Street Rag (1914) Euday Louis Bowman
sm15.gif Kansas City Blues (1914) Euday Louis Bowman
sm15.gif That's Teasing Them All One and All (1917) Euday Louis Bowman
sm15.gif Mama Doo Shee Blues (1923) Ida Cox L. Austin (co-author)
sm15.gif Flag That Protects Us All (1911), The Joseph J. Fecher Joe Williams (co-author)
Gus Troxler (words)
sm15.gif Oh Tommy, Oh Tommy, Up in Your Aeroplane (1911) Joseph J. Fecher Billy Schneider (words)
sm15.gif Marching on to Victory (1918) J. R. Henning
sm15.gif Thinking, dear mother, of you (1918) J. R. Henning
sm15.gif Old Glory (1911) Chas. L. Johnson Eunice Campbell (words)
sm15.gif National Prize Rag (1950) Arthur Marshall
sm15.gif Silver Arrow Rag (1949) Arthur Marshall
sm15.gif American Glide (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Aviator's Parade (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Billet D' Amour (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Butterfly -Various Versions (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Cake Walk (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Concert Patrol (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Concert Waltz (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Cunninghame's March (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Elfin Revels (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Ell for Leather (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Gladiolus (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Graceful Dance No.2 - Danse Arlequin (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Kentucky Days (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Pepper Pot Parade (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Skibbereen (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif  Solo (n.d.), A Joe Morley
sm15.gif Tomato Polka (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif TV Tattoo (n.d.) Joe Morley
sm15.gif Twiddley Bit (n.d.) Joe Morley