Andante Cantabile
Last updated: 30.10.19
Composer: A. Vivaldi Suppliers:  
Editor: Quartet D/A/T/B
Publisher: Unpublished Manuscript Publication: Manuscript
I first heard this piece played by the Klingende Runde für jung und alt recorder group, then lead by Karola Heißenbüttel, probably in 1979. I vividly remember my debut with group. I was then 38 years old, the only adult in a group of some 15 girls ranging from 8 to 16, and was given the then daunting task of playing the 1st voice as a solo in Solte's Landhaus, Schwanewede for a pensioner's Xmas celebration. My nervousness was so pronounced that a certain staunch 11-year old-or-so, Bettina Seebeck, murmured "Ruhig Blut" and suggested that I should drink a "Korn" to calm myself - which I duly did.
This piece was often played by The Schwanewede Recorder Consort and Blue Monday as Advent music. Another notable performance was given by the Schwanewede Recorder Consort on Radio Leeds in 1983.
I finally heard and saw Michala Petri playing the "Andante Cantabile" as part of the full work at a Xmas concert in the Glocke, Bremen in 1999.
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