Manuscript Music Book
Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: Miscellaneous Suppliers:  
Editor: G.H.Grainger Solo A
Publisher: Unpublished Manuscript Publication: Hand-written
This was a heavily used item at the beginning of my recorder playing career on HMS Victorious in the early 1960's. This blank manuscript music book was given to me by REA 1 Jim Randall on leaving the ship whilst she was still in the Far East. He had previously let me use his modest collection of recorder music for practice purposes. Not having photocopiers in those days, it meant that I had to copy out by hand any music I wanted to preserve. When writing these lines now (April 2003) and looking through my old manuscript, I am amazed at how I was then able to write (copy-out would be the better word) literally pages of sheet music with a fountain pen and not make a single mistake. Dear surfer, I present you with a copy of a Prelude by Francesco Gasparini.
The manuscript also contains 4 preludes by Johann C. Pepusch, a prelude by John Banister, a prelude by Henry Purcell, a prelude by Tomaso G. Albinoni, a prelude by Giuseppe Torelli, a prelude by Godfrey Keller, a prelude by Nicola, a prelude by Nicolini Cosma, a Sonata in G by James Hook and 2 capricios by good old Anon.