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Label: Iajrc Records
Designation: #1012
Release Date: March 3, 1919
  1. I've Got the Blue Ridge Blues/Madelin/Till We Meet Again
  2. St. Louis Blues, William C. Handy
  3. How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?, Walter Donaldson/Joe Young/Sam M. Lewis
  4. Arabian Nights
  5. Indianola (1917), Stephen R. Henry
  6. The Darktown Strutters' Ball (1917), Shelton Brooks
  7. Hesitating Blues, William Christopher Handy
  8. Plantation Echoes, Otto M. Heinzman
  9. That Moaning Trombone, Bethel
  10. Memphis Blues, William Christopher Handy
  11. Russian Rag (1918), George Linus Cobb
  12. Ja-Da, Bob Carleton
  13. Mirandy
  14. On Patrol in No Man's Land, James Reese Europe
  15. Jazz Baby, M.K. Jerome/Blanche Merrill
  16. All of No Man's Land Is Ours
  17. Jazzola
  18. When the Bees Make Honey, Walter Donaldson/Sam M. Lewis/Joe Young
  19. Dancing Deacon
  20. That's Got 'Em, Wilbur C. Sweatman
  21. Clarinet Marmalade, Larry Shields/Henry W. Ragas
  22. Missouri Blues, Harry Brown
  23. Dixie Is Dixie Once More
  24. My Choc'late Soldier Sammy Boy