At The Football Match Last Saturday
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Old Bean Records
Release Date: 2002
  1. Mary Took Her Calves to the Dairy Show, Florrie Forde
  2. Be a Sport, Whit Cunliffe
  3. Its a Marvel 'Ow 'E Do's It, Albert Whelan
  4. Good Night Mr Brown, I'm Out, Ella Retford
  5. Parody On' Good Night Mr Brown, I'm Out, Ben Albert
  6. Bang Went Another Saxpence, Ernest Shand
  7. Stories, George Formby Sr.
  8. Patsey and the Cannon Ball, Alma Obrey
  9. Good Old London Town Girl, G.H. Chirgwin
  10. The Pipers, W.F. Frame
  11. We've Got a Motor Florrie Forde
  12. You Mustn't Do That, Naughty Boy!, Bert Brandford
  13. The Village Pump, Ben Lawes
  14. Can't You Think of Any Other Name But Baby?, Winifred Hare
  15. Out Went the Gas Harry Champion
  16. Hannah, Won't You Open That Door?, Pete Hampton
  17. Say Hello! Old Man, Victoria Monks
  18. The Football Match Last Saturday, Mark Sheridan
  19. Poor Thing, George Robey
  20. One of the Midnight Sons, Vesta Tilley
  21. I Didn't Stop Running, Sam Mayo
  22. My Wife Won't Let Me, Vesta Victoria
  23. Parody on 'My Wife Won't Let Me, Lew Harvey
  24. That's Enough, Harry Ford
  25. Hey Ho, Can't You Hear the Steamer?, Daisy Taylor
  26. I'm Going, I'm Going, I'm Gone, Ella Retford
  27. My Reputation, Tom Woottwell
  28. Boss of the House, Jack Pleasants