Black Europe: Vol. 1
Last updated: 14.05.21
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Label: Bear Family Records
Release Date: 2013
  1. Poet and Peasant, Silas Seth Weeks
  2. Concert Polka, Silas Seth Weeks
  3. Handicap March, Silas Seth Weeks
  4. Georgia Camp Meeting, Silas Seth Weeks
  5. Hungarian Dance, Silas Seth Weeks
  6. Poet and Peasant (Alternative Version), Silas Seth Weeks
  7. Soldiers in the Park, Silas Seth Weeks
  8. The Honeysuckle and the Bee (William H. Penn) , Belle Davis
  9. The Honeysuckle and the Bee (Alternative Version), Belle Davis
  10. Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes (Hughie Cannon), Belle Davis
  11. If the Man in the Moon Were a Coon, Four Black The Diamonds
  12. Why Adam Sinned, Four Black The Diamonds
  13. That Dixie Rag, Four Black The Diamonds
  14. On the Mississippi, Four Black The Diamonds
  15. Laughing Song, Black The Troubadours
  16. Cat's Serenade, Black The Troubadours
  17. Onaway! Awake, Beloved!, Coleridge-Samuel Taylor
  18. Very Boastful Was I-a-Goo, Coleridge-Samuel Taylor
  19. So Among the Guests Assembled, Coleridge-Samuel Taylor
  20. Eleanore, Coleridge-Samuel Taylor
  21. Under a Panama, Gipsy Woolf
  22. My Old Kentucky Home, Arabella Fields
  23. Because I Love You, Arabella Fields
  24. Farewell Marguerite!, Arabella Fields
  25. Down on the Farm, Arabella Fields
  26. The Song That Reached My Heart, Arabella Fields
  27. Old Folks at Home, Arabella Fields
  28. Who's There?, Pete Zabriskie