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De junge Wetfru
Last updated: 11.10.23
I never found out what kind of lady a "Wetfru" is. "De junge Wetfru", which I learned from Bernd Gerken, is a sad little song of just three verses about lost love which he also sang in the Idle Fellows.

Since writing the above in 1998, I've finally (July 1999) learned from surfer Kathy Bartel that a "Wetfru" is a widow. Thanks a lot Kathy!
Surfer Anja Meyfarth wrote in December, 2001 that the song was written by Klaus Groth, the most famous poet of Low Saxon language. He wrote the song in troublesome times, when the people of Slesvig-Holstein fought against the Danes in 1848. It describes the feelings of a young widow who lost her husband. The song is one of Anja's favourites. Many thanks Anja!

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1. Wenn abends roth de Wulken treckt, so denk ik noch an di!
    So trock vörbi dat ganze Heer, un du weerst mit darbi.

2. Wenn ut de Bööm de Blaeder fallt, so denk ik glik an di!
    So full so männi brawe Jung, un du weerst mit darbi.

3. Denn set ik mi so truri hen, so denk ik veel an di!
    Ik et allen mien Abendbrot, un du büst nich darbi.
     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg De junge Wetfru (1:33) Hannes Wader