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Plattdüütsche Lieder
Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 26.02.22

"Plattdeutsche Volkslieder" picked up in Schwanewede

I made my first contact with Plattdeutsch (lower German) when moving to Schwanewede, Lower Saxony, in 1972. Being English, Plattdeutsch is relatively easier to understand than High German. Musically I first became aware of the richness of this language when hearing a children's choir singing Dat du mien Leefsten büst.
I first became really involved in this field of music as chairman of a music club called "Die klingende Runde für jung und alt" in 1979. At that time the club took part in a competition promoting Plattdeutsch. Under the leadership of Bernd Gerken we formed a Plattdeutsch folk group comprising Bärbel Urhahn, Renate Buth and Magda Hielscher (vocals) and myself on penny whistle. Bernd also sang and played the guitar. We played and sung for about two years enjoying moderate success.
Later Bernd Gerken joined the Idle Fellows at which point my involvement in Plattdeutsch became more serious as I started sing these songs myself.
Most of the listed songs were learned from Bernd Gerken either when in "Die klingende Runde für jung und alt" or the Idle Fellows. Today as a solo performer, I occasionally have the opportunity of singing Plattdeutsch, mostly to the more senior citizens although many young Germans have an active interest in this branch of folk-music.

Geoff Grainger, Bremen-Vegesack, January 2001

  Title Composer Performer Instruments
  DBE MP3 Sample   
audiodbemp315.gif Jehann Geoff Grainger Voice, Concertina
audiodbemp315.gif Dat du mien Leefsten büst Geoff Grainger Voice, Concertina
  Midi File(s)   
audiomidi15.gif Buurlala   Frank Petersohn Midi
audiomidi15.gif Buurlala   Unknown Midi
audiomidi15.gif Dat du mien Leefsten büst   Unknown Midi
audiomidi15.gif De Runner von Hamburg   Unknown Midi
audiomidi15.gif Et wassen twee Künnigskinner   Frank Petersohn Midi
audiomidi15.gif Lütt Matten   Frank Petersohn Midi
     Title Audio Files Remarks
platt15.jpg As Ik letzt to'n Maak gung   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Buurlala  audiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Dat du mien Leefsten büst  audiodbemp315.gifaudiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Dat Hus inne Masch   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg De Fresenhof   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg De Hoffnung   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg De junge Wetfru   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg De lustige Kock   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg De Möel   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg De Runner von Hamburg  audiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Dor weer enmol en lüttje Buurdeern   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Een Deern ut Amsterdam  
platt15.jpg Ei oh, faat em an, so   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Ei, du Lütte, Söte, Witte   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Et wassen twee Künnigskinner  audiomidi15.gif nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg  Hartleed   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Herr Pastor sien Kauh   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg In England geiht dat lustig her  
platt15.jpg Inßbrügg, ick moth dy laten  
platt15.jpg Jan Bart   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Jehann  audiodbemp315.gif nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Lütt Anna Susanna   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Lütt Matten  audiomidi15.gif nscore.gifnlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Lustig reed he   nlyrics.gif
platt15.jpg Trina   nlyrics.gif
     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg Dat du mien Leefsten büst (2:11) Gerhild Karpf
youtube15.jpg De Fresenhof (3:12) K. Kiesewetter K. Kiesewetter
youtube15.jpg De Hoffnung (3:03) Hannes Wader
youtube15.jpg De junge Wetfru (1:33) Hannes Wader
youtube15.jpg De Möel (3:06) Hannes Wader
youtube15.jpg De Runner von Hamburg (2:06) Hannes Wader
youtube15.jpg Hartleed (4:35) Hannes Wader
youtube15.jpg Herr Pastor sien Kauh (3:15) Godewind
youtube15.jpg Lütt Matten (1:59) Gruppe Rohrstock

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