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De Hoffnung
Last updated: 11.10.23
"De Hoffnung" is an amusing Plattdeutsch shanty which I learned from Bernd Gerken (who else) who also sang it with the Idle Fellows. It's of a ship called "De Hoffnung" (Hope) and her Captain, old Nu, who makes a deal with the devil when experiencing some navigational difficulties. Old Nu is a tricky old salt and succeeds in outwitting the devil and saves his soul into the bargain. It has an English refrain of "A long time ago"

On 21.10.2001, surfers Etienne and Estelle Smulian of Johannesburg, South Africa sent me a the lyrics and tune to "A long time ago", a shanty they gleaned from "very old recording" [sic] of Sea Shanties to whit "Rolling Home" by the "Seekameradschaft Nordsee" released by TIP in July 1971. Most interestingly (for me, I hasten to add), the tune is virtually identical to the one learned from Bernd. Thanks a lot you guys!

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 1.  De Hoffnung, de weer hunnert Dag unnerwegs, to my way, hay, hoday.
  Se seilt von Hamborg na Valpariais, a long time ago.
 2.  Se seilte good und se seilte hart, to my way, hay, hoday.
  Se har so'ne goode kostbare Fracht, a long time ago.
 3.  Un as de ol Nu flucht und gnaddert, to my way, hay, hoday.
  Keem de Düvel över de Reeling kladdert, a long time ago.
 4.  Wenn mi in tein Dog na'n Kanal Du bringst, to my way, hay, hoday.
  Denn kriegst Du mien Seel, so wahr as Du stinkst, a long time ago.
 5.  De Pott leep neegentein Mielen toletzt, to my way, hay, hoday.
  Dar har de Düvel de Steiss aftasett, a long time ago.
 6.  Un as he nun in'n Kanal keem to stell, to my way, hay, hoday.
  Dar seegt de Düvel "Nu her mit de Seel.", a long time ago.
 7.  Dar seegt de ol Nu, "Lat di man Tied", to my way, hay, hoday.
  "We goht to Anker bi Kap San Patric", a long time ago.
 8.  De Düvel de weer för Freld ganz Weg, to my way, hay, hoday.
  He leep op de Back, set de Anker op Slip, a long time ago.
 9.  De ole Timmermann har grote Freid, to my way, hay, hoday.
  He har den Düvel sien Steert vertraut, a long time ago.
 10.  Un as den Anker nu suusst op der Grund, to my way, hay, hoday.
  Suusst Düvel mit düsse Swienhund, a long time ago.
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