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Beatles Music
Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 31.01.24
And I love her

Being a contemporary of the Fab Four and of a working class background, the Beatles are of special interest to me. In some of their songs, Blackbird for example, it can be seen that they also drew on an inborn folk music tradition common throughout the British Isles. Although I can't swear to it, it is well within the realms of possibility that I saw them performing in Hamburg before they became famous.
On New Year's Eve in 1961, as a young British sailor on leave in Hamburg, I was in some kind of music club very close to or even on the Reeperbahn where lots of young groups played virtually non-stop swapping over very half-hour or so. One lively group caught my attention and I asked a German bystander who they were. The bystander told me that they were German which I accepted without comment. On finishing their stint, the group came close to me. One of them fished out a 5- or 10-pfennig coin and stuck it in a peanut vending machine on the bar. I was very much amused, however, that when on turning the handle and nothing came out, the group member broke out in a stream of verbal abuse in purest Liverpudlian. "Some German!", I thought. Being too shy in those days I didn't open a conversation with them, more's to the pity, and it was some ten years later that it dawned on me that perhaps for a brief moment I had rubbed shoulders with the great and famous.

Geoff Grainger, Bremen-Vegesack, January 2001

  Title Composer Sequencer
  Midi File(s) from various sources      
audiomidi15.gif All Together Now (1968) J. Lennon Unknown
audiomidi15.gif And I Love Her (1967) J. Lennon Unknown
audiomidi15.gif Blackbird (1968) J. Lennon Unknown
audiomidi15.gif If I Fell (1966) J. Lennon Unknown
audiomidi15.gif Michelle (1965) J. Lennon Unknown
audiomidi15.gif Penny Lane (1967) J. Lennon Unknown
audiomidi15.gif She Loves You (1963) J. Lennon Unknown
audiomidi15.gif With a Little Help From My Friends (1967) J. Lennon Unknown
audiomidi15.gif Yellow Submarine (1966) J. Lennon Unknown
     Title Attribution Instruments Source Remarks
pdf15.gif Michelle (1965) J. Lennon (w&m)
P. McCartney (coauth.)
SATB voices Michael Bednarek
pdf15.gif Yesterday (1965) P. McCartney (music)
J. Lennon (coauth.)
Piano, Voice Michael Bednarek wvicon.gif
     Title Audio Files Remarks
beat15.gif All together now   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif And I love her   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif Blackbird   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif Hello little girl   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif Hey Jude   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif If I fell   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif Lady Madonna   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif Michelle   nlyrics.gifpdf15.gif
beat15.gif Nobody I know   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif Ob-la-di ob-la-da   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif Penny Lane   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif She loves you   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif When I'm sixty-four   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif With a little help from my friends   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif Yellow Submarine   nlyrics.gif
beat15.gif  Yesterday   nlyrics.gifpdf15.gif
     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg All together now (2:15) lyrics2stream J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg And I love her (2:40) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg Blackbird (2:18) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg Hello little girl (1:44) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg Hey Jude (7:11) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg If I fell (2:23) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg Michelle (2:42) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg Nobody I know (3:00) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg Ob-la-di ob-la-da (3:09) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg  Penny Lane (3:06) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg She loves you (2:22) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg When I'm sixty-four (2:39) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg With a little help from my friends (2:45) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg Yellow Submarine (2:45) The Beatles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg Yesterday (1:46) Orlan Charles J. Lennon
youtube15.jpg Yesterday (2:05) The Beatles J. Lennon
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