Joe Darcey  (1886-1963)
Last updated: 24.11.23
p_darceyj.jpgAll that can presently (November 2023) be gleaned about Joe Darcey [Joseph Darcey O'Donnell] from sheet music covers and by Internet searching is that he was an American songwriter, singer and comedian born in Ireland.
He was featured on 8 works published between 1917 and 1925 also writing 3 works between 1919 and 1922.
His portrait on the left is taken from Down by the Old Red Mill (1917) words & music by Halsey K. Mohr, and published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., New York & Chicago, USA.
Surfers are welcome to contribute any further information about this songwriter/performer.
     Title Attribution Instruments Source Remarks
  As performer        
pdf15.gif Down by the Old Red Mill (1917) H.K. Mohr (w&m)
J. Darcey (perf.)
Piano, Voice Indiana wvicon.gif
This list is arranged by composer and contains 9 works performed by Joe Darcey who is featured on sheet music covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
     Title Composer Attribution Remarks
perf15.jpg Don't Leave Me Mammy (1921) Con Conrad(w&m) Henry Santly (co-author)
Benny Davis (words)
B. G De Sylva (words)
Joe Darcey (perf.)
Karyl Norman (perf.)
perf15.jpg I'm Sitting on Top of the World (1925) Ray Henderson Sam M. Lewis (words)
Joe Young (words)
Joe Darcey (perf.)
Mary Ford (perf.)
Dorothy Francisco (perf.)
Deere Girls (perf.)
Al Herman (perf.)
Walter James (perf.)
Mollie Klinger (perf.)
Nick Lucas (perf.)
W. Irving Oppenheim (perf.)
Les Paul (perf.)
Elsie White (perf.)
perf15.jpg Ain't My Baby Grand? (1925) Robert A. King Ray Henderson (co-author)
Lew Brown (words)
Joe Darcey (perf.)
perf15.jpg Emaline (1921) James Francis McHugh George A Little (words)
Joe Darcey (perf.)
Gertrude Newman (perf.)
perf15.jpg Lookout Mountain (1917) Halsey K. Mohr Joe Goodwin (words)
Joe Darcey (perf.)
Ben Smith (perf.)
perf15.jpg Down by the Old Red Mill (1917) Halsey K. Mohr(w&m) Joe Darcey (perf.) Pub.
perf15.jpg Bammy, the Land That Gave Me Mammy (1922) Maceo Pinkard William Tracey (words)
Joe Darcey (perf.)
perf15.jpg Save Your Sorrow (1925) Al Sherman B. G. DeSylva (words)
Katherine Adolph (perf.)
Currier & Williams Wright (perf.)
Joe Darcey (perf.)
Earl & Bell (perf.)
Gale &. Gordon (perf.)
Locust Sisters (perf.)
Ed. Lowry (perf.)
Larry Reilly (perf.)
Ryan Sisters (perf.)
Dolly Ward (perf.)
perf15.jpg Rock-A-Bye Baby Days (1924) Abner Silver Saul Bernie (co-author)
Harold Christy (words)
Joe Darcey (perf.)
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 3 works by Joe Darcey (1886-1963). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: pdf15.gif (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
How Can You Say Goodbye? (w&m) 1919 Irving Kaufman (perf.)
Jack Kaufman (perf.)
Warren Proctor (perf.)
Sing Me to Sleep (w&m) 1920 George Meader (perf.)
Childhood Days 1922 American Quartet (perf.)
Blue Ribbon Trio (perf.)