Recorder Bravura
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Label: Upbeat
Release Date: 25. Juli 2006
Works performed by Piers Adams, Howard Beach
  1. Zigeunerweisen, composed by Pablo Martin Melitón Sarasate
  2. Sicilienne in E flat, composed by Maria Theresia von Paradies
  3. Variations (No. 6) in E, composed by Fryderyk F. Chopin
  4. Thaïs, composed by Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet
  5. Feu Follet, composed by Carl Bernhard Wessely
  6. Let us garlands bring, composed by Gerald Finzi
  7. Tambourin, composed by François Joseph Gossec
  8. 14 Songs, composed by Sergey V. Rakhmaninov
  9. Introduction and Variations (Trock'ne Blumen from 'Die schöne Müllerin') in E minor, composed by Franz Schubert
  10. Goyescas, composed by Enrique Granados
  11. Nightingale Serenade, composed by Wilhelm Popp
  12. The Lark, composed by Eugéne Damaré
  13. Nocturnes, composed by Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin
  14. Ciacona in G minor, composed by Tomaso Antonio Vitali
  15. Concert Polonaise, composed by Johann Baptiste von Hunyadi