Sergey V. Rakhmaninov  (1873-1943)
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Sergey Vassilievich Rakhmaninov was, according to The New Penguin Dictionary of Music, was a Russian composer and pianist. (The spellings Rachmaninoff, etc., are inconsistent with the now standard system of transliteration from Russian). Wrote his piano prelude in C-sharp minor at age 20. Left Russia, 1918, disliking Soviet regime, and lived mainly in Switzerland and in the U.S.A.: where he died. Nevertheless he conspicuously aided the Russian ant-Nazi effort in the Second world War. He always maintained a Russian outlook and wrote in an emotional (and sometimes melancholy) Romantic style. Works include 4 piano concertos, Rhapsody on a theme of Niccolò Paganini for piano and orchestra, many piano solos (including transcriptions of other composers) and some 2-piano works; also 3 symphonies, symphonic poem "The Isle of the Dead", 3 operas, choral work "The Bells" (after Poe), songs.
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