That's How Rhythm Was Born
Last updated: 06.07.23
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Label: Columbia/Legacy
Release Date: 1995
  1. Rock And Roll, Richard A. Whiting - Boswell Sisters with Jimmy Grier & His Orchestra
  2. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Harry Arlen
  3. Louisana Hayride, Arthur Schwartz
  4. Shuffle Off To Buffalo, Harry Warren
  5. Sophisticated Lady, Duke Ellington
  6. Song Of Surrender, Harry Warren
  7. Sleep, Come On And Take Me, Joe Young
  8. That's How Rhythm Was Born, J.C. Johnson
  9. The Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia, Frank S Perkins
  10. Coffee In The Morning And Kisses In The Night, Harry Warren
  11. Forty-Second Street, Harry Warren
  12. Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day, Harry Arlen - The Boswell Sisters with The Dorsey Brothers
  13. The Darktown Strutters Ball, Shelton Brooks
  14. If I Had A Million Dollars, Matt Malneck
  15. It's Written All Over Your Face, Arthur Schwartz
  16. Charlie Two-Step, Hoagy Carmichael
  17. Trav'lin' All Alone, J.C. Johnson
  18. St. Louis Blues, William C. Handy
  19. Dinah, Harry Akst
  20. The Object Of My Affection, Jimmy Grier/Coy Poe/Pinky Tomlin - The Boswell Sisters with Jimmie Grier