On The Halls: Vol. 1
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Foyer
  1. Tablets, James Fawn
  2. A Bird In A Gilded Cage, Hamilton Hill
  3. On The Margate Boat, Lillie Langtry
  4. Oh The Business, Harry Randall
  5. Liza Johnson, Kate Carney
  6. In A Case Like That, Don't Wait, Ernest Shand
  7. Lucy Lu, Lily Hawthorne
  8. Riding On A Motor Car, Vesta Victoria
  9. Encyclopaedia Brittannica, Maurice Scott
  10. O, O, Capital O, Wilkie Bard
  11. What A Kid 'E Is, Alec Hurley and his Piccaninnys
  12. The Coster Girl In Paris, Marie Lloyd with Orchestra
  13. Mamie May, Lil Hawthorne
  14. I've Got To Get Back To Work, Alf Gibson
  15. It Ain't All Honey And It Ain't All Jam, Vesta Victoria
  16. I Wants Yer My Honey, Ellaline Terriss
  17. Watching The Trains Come In, Jack Pleasants
  18. On Strike, Morgan Wilder