Variety Veterans 1931-1952
Last updated: 06.06.21
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  1. 'E Dunno Where 'E Are, Gus Elen
  2. Give Me A Little Cosy Corner
    Put On Your Ta-Ta, Little Girlie
    Come Over The Garden Wall
    I Was A Good LIttle Girl Till I Met You
    Come And Cuddle Me
    I'm In Love
    Jingle Johnnie, Clarice Mayne
  3. The Honeysuckle And The Bee
    Only A Penny Sir
    Simple Little String
    The Church Parade
    Louisiana Lou
    I Want Yer, Ma Honey
    Her Golden Hair Was Hanging, Ellaline Terriss
  4. Bang! Bang! Bang!, Nellie Wallace
  5. Let's Have A Tiddle At The Milk Bar, Nellie Wallace
  6. I've Made Up My Mind To Sail Away
    The Ship I Love
    At Trinity, Tom Costello
  7. Any Old Iron?, Harry Champion
  8. Everywhere You Go You'll Find A Soldier, Harry Champion
  9. Hello, Susie Green, George Elliot
  10. Up With The Lark, George Elliot
  11. Let's Have A Jolly Good Laugh, Charlie Penrose