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Nobody I know
Last updated: 04.09.21
Nobody I know is a real mystery. I have found no mention of this song anywhere on the Internet and no mention in any discography. I first came across it whilst browsing through Beatles Songs for the Recorder.This a nice little, highly optimistic love song of first-timers embarking on eternal love, the theme being that both parties are agreed and cannot imagine that, "Nobody I know could love me more than you".
Perhaps it has never been recorded because the lyrics are simply too lyrical and improbable! The melody, however has all the hallmarks of a Beatles classic, according to the "Beatles Songs for the Recorder", Nobody I know was written in 1964.

Since writing the above in 1999, I have finally (April 2000) found the lyrics on Shurick Daryin's website. Thanks a lot Shurick!
     Title Performer
youtube15.jpg Nobody I know (3:00) The Beatles