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Lütt Matten
Last updated: 11.10.23
"Lütt Matten" is about a care-free hare who wanted to learn to dance. He was readily helped in his ambition by a willing fox, who'd do the dancing and a crow who'd play the fiddle. Alas, poor Lütt Matten finished up as the main course for this unholy alliance of fox and crow.
We sang in the "Klingende Runde für jung und alt" and later I loved singing it with Kerstin Knie. We tried to do it with two-part singing accompanied by concertina. It was never especially successful but we had no end of fun trying. Perhaps not as much fun but more successful were the few singings of it in the Idle Fellows.
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1. Lütt Matten de Haas, de maak sik en Spaaß,
    He weer bi't studeern, dat Danzen to lehrn,
    Un danz ganz alleen op de achtersten Been.

2. Kee reinke de Voß, un dach "Dat's en Kost!"
    Un seggt, "Lütt Matten, so flink op de Padden?,
    Un danzt hier alleen op de achtersten Been?".

3. "Kumm, laat uns tosaam! Ik kann as de Daam!"
    De Kreih de speelt Fiedel, denn geiht dat kandidel,
    Dat geiht dat mal schöön op de achtersten Been?".

4. Lütt Matten geev Pott. De Voß beet em doot.
    Un sett sik in'n Schadden, verspies den lütt Matten.
    De Kreih de kreeg een vun de achtersten Been.
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youtube15.jpg Lütt Matten (1:59) Gruppe Rohrstock