Hans Ulrich Staeps  (1909-1988)
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According to the cover notes on his work "Rondelli" (ZfS 280, August 1962), Hans Ulrich Staeps was born in Dortmund, has been professor at the Vienna Conservatory, where he was in charge of classes for the recorder, harpsichord, and modern musical theory. A large proportion of his output consists of works of an instructional character. he has written school operas, cantatas, works for elementary tuition, and chamber music for every possible combination of recorders. Stylistically Staeps owes much to the direction characterised by Paul Hindemith.
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sm15.gif Rondelli D/D/A/A/T smp_unav15.gif wvicon.gif
Recorder Sheet Music
Amnis aevi omnipotens (Voice/D(T)/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
and set of parts.
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00011)
5497480.gifDaily Lesson (A)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Universal Edition (UE012614)
601919.gifDialoge (A/Harp.)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Score and 1 part. 12 pages.
Publisher: Carus Verlag (1111100)
17739781.gifFantasia con Echo (D/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
8 pages.
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00029)
17864729.gifFurioso, Gigue und Aria (D(A)/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00037)
17864739.gifImmortelle (A/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
7 pages.
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00038)
17864747.gifIntermezzo (A/Harp.)smp_logo_88_white.gif
 Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00039)
5516516.gifMobile (D/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Universal Edition (UE018742)
Praludium Morgen des Lebens (A/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00028)
5497363.gifSonata Es-Dur (A/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Universal Edition (UE012603)
Sonata in C Minor (A/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Heinrichshoven's Verlag (N10/005)
Sonata in C Minor in Modo Preclassico (A/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
20 pages.
Publisher: Galaxy Music Corporation (1.2400)
Sonate im Alten Stil (D(A)/BC)smp_logo_88_white.gif
23 pages.
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (HBR-00016)
5505005.gifTonfiguren: Exercises 1 (A)smp_logo_88_white.gif
ISBN 3702420967.
 Publisher: Universal Edition (UE014933)
6028005.gifVirtuoso Suite Alto Recorder (A)smp_logo_88_white.gif
12 pages.
This edition: OFB95.
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. (49011398)
5507437.gifWeg Hinauf, advanced exercises (D)smp_logo_88_white.gif
ISBN 3702402713.
Level: advanced
Publisher: Universal Edition (UE015889)
15 heitere Kanons (D/D)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (04-00356)
4 Arietten (D/A/Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00012)
5878451.gifReihe kleiner Duette (A/A)smp_logo_88_white.gif
12 pages.
This edition: OFB94.
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. (49011397)
Zu zweien durch den Tonkreis (A/A)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Performance Score. 20 pages.
Duettbuch zur Ubung auf Alto recorder in allen Tonarten.
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (HBR-00008)
15 Liedweisen (D(A)/D(T)/A(B))smp_logo_88_white.gif
 Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00034)
Auf unserm Hof daheim (A/A/T)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00022)
Das Lied tont fort (Chamber work with D/A/T)smp_logo_88_white.gif
8 pages.
For 3 recorders, soprano recorders, tenor recorder / strings (2 violin, viola), singer ad lib. 0.
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00002)
Inseltanz (Chamber work with D/A/A)smp_logo_88_white.gif
and For 7 percussionists, piano (piano, 4-hands), glockenspiel, xylophone, soprano recorder, 2 alto recorders.
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (07-00406)
Saratoga Suite (D/A/T)smp_logo_88_white.gif
24 pages.
Publisher: Galaxy Music Corporation (1.2372)
Suite in A minor (D/A/T)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Score. 8 pages.
Publisher: Carus Verlag (1111000)
Tanze auf dem Lande (D/D/A/Piano/Perc)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00008)
Triludi (D(A)/A/A(T))smp_logo_88_white.gif
17 pages.
 Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (04-00355)
Trio in D (A/A/T)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Set of parts (one each).
Also see: Study score. - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00021-ST)
Triptychon (A(D,T)/A(D,T)/T(A,B))smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00035)
17806359.gif7 Flotentanze (D/A/A/T)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Performance Score. 24 pages.
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (HBR-00005)
Arkadische Szene (D/A/T/B)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00031)
Des Einhorn Anmut (D/A/T/B)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Unicornis gratia. Orchestra set i(ncluding strings 4,3,2,2,1 and one of each wind parts).
Part: Descant/alto recorder. - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Part: Descant/bass recorder. - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Part: Descant/soprano recorder - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Part: Descant/tenor recorder - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00030-SET)
Divertimento D-Dur (Chamber work with D/D(A)/A(T)/B(A))smp_logo_88_white.gif
Performance Score.
For SATB recorders/SSAA recorders, piano, percussion.
Part: Alto Flute 1/2. - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Part: Descant/soprano Recorder Part 1. - smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00024)
Dort nieden in jenem Holze (D/A/T/B)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Partita in B uber das Volkslied.
 Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00010-PA)
Kleine Musik (D/D/A(T)/A(T))smp_logo_88_white.gif
Score and Parts.
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00036)
Chorisches Quintett (D/A/A/T/B)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Score. ISBN 3702443223.
Publisher: Universal Edition (UE013990)
Aubade und Tanz (D/D/A/A/T/B/Guit./Piano)smp_logo_88_white.gif
Publisher: Ludwig Doblinger K.G. (FL-00004)
Nine Basic Exercises For Alto Recorder (A)smp_unav15.gif
Level: 5 - Very Difficult.
Publisher: Consort Music Inc. (CM01004)
Gitter und Ranken (A/T/Guit.)smp_unav15.gif
. For AT recorders, Glockenspiel and guitar.
Level: 5 - Very Difficult.
Publisher: Moeck Verlag (MK00376)
Three Early Melodies (D/A/T)smp_unav15.gif
Level: easy
Publisher: Sweet Pipes (SP02310)
Cantus Serius (A/T/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts.
Level: 5 - Very Difficult.
Publisher: Polyphonic Publications (PP00158)
Partita in C (French tune) (D/A/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
. For SATB recorders or String Quartet (2 Violins, Viola, and Cello).
Publisher: Moeck Verlag (MK00309)
Minstrels (D/A/T/B/Piano/Perc/Voice)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts.
Arr./Editor: William Hettrick Level: 5 - Very Difficult.
Publisher: Sweet Pipes (SP02333)
Rondelli (contemporary) (D/D/A/A/T)smp_unav15.gif
 Publisher: Moeck Verlag (MK00280)
Berlin Sonata (D/D/A/T/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
Score and Parts. ISBN 3702427899.
Publisher: Universal Edition (UE017191)