The Best of my Grandmother's German Cookery
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1998 Author: Carmen Graves
Publisher: C. Werl-Graves Publications ISBN: 0966477707
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Paperback: 247 pages, usually ships within 24 hours.
Amazon Review
One of the best German cookbooks written in English with 270 recipes. The descriptions in this cookbook are very easy to understand and the recipes do not require an expert cook! The 14 chapter cover: Using the right spices, spreads for sandwiches, salads, salads with cooked vegetable, soups, sauces, potatoes, breakfast foods, vegetables, meat dishes, chicken and fish, fruit salads, purees and other desserts, cakes, pastries and tortes, cookies. The index is in English AND in German and that makes this cookbook very unique and a must have for every household! The bi-lingual index is a great resource to find your long lost recipes.