The Bonn Republic West German Democracy, 1945-1990
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1997 Author: Anthony J. Nicholls
Publisher: Pearson Education UK ISBN: 0582492300
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West German Democracy, 1945-1990
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Here is an authoritative account, by one of Britain's leading Germanists, of the political history of the West German state from its birth amid postwar devastation and defeat through to reunification after the fall of the Soviet Empire, when she was once again the leading power of continental Europe. It describes how the new Germany was brought into being by the rapidly changing political patterns of the Cold War; how it built a stable - in due course formidable - economy in the face of overwhelming odds; and how the hard-won triumph of Germany's new federal democratic vision has itself contributed to the larger vision of a federal, democratic Europe. It ends with a consideration of whether the new reunified Germany can hold to the same goals and certainties. The book is written from a firmly historical perspective, at a judicious distance from the events it explores; and the approach is via a broad analytical narrative rather than a series of thematic investigations.