Binchois Studies
Last updated: 01.04.20
Printed: 2001 Author: Andrew Kirkman
Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0198166680
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A man of huge reputation in his own right and as an alumnus of one of the most sophisticated courts in the history of western Europe, the 15th-century composer Binchois remains for us, at the turn of the 21st century, one of the key musical figures of his age. Yet in spite of the attention afforded him in the past, he remains, perhaps more than ever, an enigma. One of the chief aims of this study is to attempt to begin to unravel that enigma by viewing him from a variety of contrasting angles. In so doing it also aims to provide a catalyst for further research which will further deepen our understanding not only of Binchois himself, but also of the cultural environment of which he was part. This book is intended for music historians (students and academics) and lovers of medieval music;, as well as historians concerned with the cultural life of late-medieval Europe.