The Sacred Music of Gilles Binchois
Last updated: 03.05.20
Printed: 1997 Author: Philip Kaye
Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0193530562
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Gilles Binchois was one of the leading musical figures of the early fifteenth century, along with his contemporaries Dufay and Dunstable. This is the first complete edition of his sacred music, and uses all known sources to arrive at a performing version while offering a complete critical commentary on manuscript variants for scholarly study. While the composer's secular works have been known for many years, his sacred works have been sadly neglected: only a handful have been published, and these are in editions now forty to fifty years old. This new complete edition will enable a full assessment of Binchois's contribution to the music of the period, shedding light on the extent to which he was influenced by English music via so-called "Contenance Angloise."