Hat Box
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Campion Cameo
Designation: CAMEO 2020
Release Date: 24 February, 2004
Works performed by the Turner-Smith Duo [John Turner (recorder), Neil Smith (guitar)]
  1. Alan Bullard: Hat Box
  2. Stepan Rak: Arioso
  3. Anon: Greensleeves to a Ground
  4. Ernest Tomlinson: Chadkirk Idyll
  5. David Ellis: Fred's Blue Ginger Staircase Music Op. 72
  6. Jacob van Eyck: Variations on Dowland's Comagin
  7. J. Golland: New World Dances
  8. Dutch anon: Three Pieces from "' t Uitnement Kabinet"
  9. Pieter de Vois: Brande Yrlandt
  10. Anon: Cournate Monsieur
  11. Anon: Fantasia
  12. John Duarte: Un Petit Jazz Op. 92
  13. John Duarte: Un Petit Bis, Op. 92a
  14. Peter Hope: Bramall Hall Dances