Pieter de Vois  (c1580/1-1654)
Last updated: 01.03.21
Quoting the website given below:
"Pieter [Alewijnszoon] the Vois is an interesting figure in the music history of the Dutch Golden Age. He was a pupil of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and the music teacher of Constantijn Huygens. De Vois was blind. In Amsterdam, Sweelinck and he were responsible together for the table music in the town hall where de Vois played the violin. In 1604 he was appointed organist of the St Jacobskerk in The Hague. When Sweelinck died, he was asked to succeed his former teacher at the Oude Kerk of Amsterdam. De Vois was persuaded to stay in The Hague, where he died in 1654."
Pieter de Vois has two dances, "Brande Yrlande" and "Passomeso d'Italij" in Six Dances.

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