The Delightful (F)lute. Italy-England 1600-1700
Last updated: 23.11.22
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Label: Ambitus
Designation: Ambitus - #97850
Release Date: 26 April, 1994
Performed by Myriam Eichberger (recorder) and Joachim Held (lute)
  1. Balletto à 2, by Bartolemé de Selma y Salaverde
  2. Corrente a 2, for voice & ensemble, by Bartolome de Selma y Salaverde
  3. Canzona terza a due, by Bartolome de Selma y Salaverde
  4. Un bocconcino di fantasia for solo voice & continuo, by Bellerofonte Castaldi
  5. Sonata for recorder & lute No 14, by Marco Uccellini
  6. Aria for recorder & lute No 10, by Marco Uccellini
  7. Corrente for recorder & lute No 3, by Marco Uccellini
  8. Sonata for recorder & lute No 7, by Marco Uccellini
  9. Toccata in F, by Vincenzo Galilei
  10. A Fancy, by Anthony Holborne
  11. Greensleeves to a Ground, by Anon
  12. Pavans for lute Pavan, by Antony Holborne
  13. Pauls Steeple, by Anonymous
  14. Gagliard, by Antony Holborne
  15. Tollet's Ground, by Anonymous
  16. Suite No 5 in G minor, by Matthew Locke
  17. Work(s) Ground, by Henry Purcell
  18. Saraband for harpsichord in A minor, Z 654, by Henry Purcell
  19. Gavotte, for keyboard in G major (doubtful), Z D220 Gavott, by Henry Purcell
  20. A New Ground (from "Welcome to All the Pleasures"), for harpsichord in E minor, ZT682, by Henry Purcell
  21. Hornpipe, by Henry Purcell