Private Musik: English Chamber Time Stuarts
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Atm
Designation: Atma Records - #22132
Release Date: 01 September, 1998
Works performed by Les Boréades: Francis Colpron (recorder), Hélène Plouffe, Susie Napper, Marie Bouchard.
  1. Suite No 5 in G minor Fantazie by Matthew Locke
  2. Suite No.2 in G major, from Compositions for Broken and whole Consorts
  3. Sonata in four parts for two violins, bass viol & continuo No.6 in G minor, Z. 807 by Henry Purcell
  4. I Am Melancholy by Tobias Hume
  5. The Pashion of Musicke. Sir Christopher Hattons choice by Tobias Hume
  6. Division Flute: "A Division to A Ground" by Anon
  7. Sonata á 4 in A major by John Blow
  8. Sonata in three parts for two violins, bass viol & continuo No.7 in E minor, Z. 796 by Henry Purcell
  9. The Lady Canes Delight for ensemble by Tobias Hume
  10. Sonata á 4 in G major by John Blow
  11. Ground for harpsichord in D minor, (from "Celebrate This Festival" Z. 321/2a), ZD222 (doubtful) by Henry Purcell

  12. Suite á 4, No 2 in D minor/major Fantazie by Matthew Locke