Harlem Stride Piano
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Epm Musique
Release Date: 1997
  1. Harlem Strut, James Price Johnson
  2. Keep off the Grass, James Price Johnson
  3. Carolina Shout, James Price Johnson
  4. Carolina Shout, James Price Johnson
  5. Dear Old Southland, Henry Creamer
  6. Bandana Days (Intro: Love Will Find a Way), Eubie Blake/Noble Sissle
  7. Weeping Blues, James Price Johnson
  8. Worried and Lonesome Blues
  9. You Can't Do What My Last Man Did, James P. Johnson
  10. Bleeding-Hearted Blues
  11. Scouting Around, James Price Johnson
  12. Toddlin'
  13. Charleston (South Carolina)
  14. All That I Had Is Gone
  15. Snowy Morning Blues, James P. Johnson
  16. Skiddle-De-Scow
  17. Can I Get It Now?
  18. Chicago Blues, Ferdinand Morton
  19. Mournful Tho'ts
  20. Riffs, James Price Johnson
  21. Feeling Blue, James Price Johnson
  22. Put Your Mind Right on It, Perry Bradford/James P. Johnson
  23. Fare Thee Honey Blues
  24. You Don't Understand, Clarence Williams/Spencer Williams/James P. Johnson
  25. You've Got to Be Modernistic