The Irish Weavers-Live at Blarney Park
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: ARC
Release Date: 13 October, 1998
  1. The Irish Weavers' Song
  2. All for me grog
  3. Rambles Of Spring, A Pinch Of Snuff, Miss Mcleod's Reel
  4. The Collin, Mc Dermott's Reel, Sean Ryan's Reel, The Dunmore Lasses ...
  5. Whiskey in the Jar
  6. Quartermaster's Stores
  7. Copperplate Reel, Peter Street, O'donovan's Reel
  8. Cork Loves A Stranger
  9. Jig O' Slurs, Athol Highlanders
  10. The Oldest Swinger In Town
  11. Lonesome Boatman
  12. Ghost Of '47
  13. The Gypsy Rover (Whistling Gypsy)
  14. Red Rose Cafe, My Irish Molly-O
  15. A Nation Once Again
  16. The Wild Rover, Cockles and Mussels, Boys Of Fair Hill, She'll be coming round the mountain