Triosonate D-Dur für 2 Flöten und Basso Continuo
Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: N. Jommelli Suppliers:  
Editor: Duet Flute/Flute/BC
Publisher: Hofmeister Publication:
Although this was originally intended for flutes, this sonata can be played readily on recorders. I was introduced to this work by Nannette Wiethölter, who I partnered in 1997, whereby she played on her flute and I accompanied her in the second voice on my D-recorder. Here, the advantages of having a D-recorder come into their own as the twiddly bits become remarkably easy. The work is also within the range of tenor recorders but perhaps the tonality would be out of place on account of a tenor's softness.
There are three movements: Sprituoso, Andante and Allegro. The Andante is a beautiful contrast to the other movements, there are trills and runs galore, very baroque. It is one of my favourites for the D-recorder.