The Tolbert R. Ingram Music Co.
Last updated: 26.04.22
Address: Denver, Colorado, USA

The Tolbert R. Ingram Music Co. has 25 publications posted in these webpages. They include 25 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif Old Carpet Rag (1911) Jennie Aaron
sm15.gif Scotch Rye (1909) E.W. Anderson
sm15.gif Back Among the Clover and the Bees (1902) Charles Avril C. H. Scoggins (words)
Frank Pearse (perf.)
sm15.gif Girl I Loved Out in the Golden West (1904), The Charles Avril C. H. Scoggins (words)
sm15.gif Where the Silv'ry Colorado Wends Its Way (1901) Charles Avril C.H. Scoggins (words)
Kathleen Taylor (perf.)
sm15.gif Belle of the Plains (1904) L.B. Bitz
sm15.gif Kabe Yun - West Wind (1905) Mary A. Boysen
sm15.gif Democratic Fun (1908) Robert Buechel
sm15.gif Cosmopolitan America (1904) Helen May Butler
sm15.gif Hurdler (1904), The Margery Dennis
sm15.gif Sultana (1906), The Jack Hangauer
sm15.gif Western Girl (1905) Al. J. Harbridge
sm15.gif Abyssinian Patrol (1905), The Henry Houseley
sm15.gif Parson Johnson's Rag-Time Mule (1900) Edgar E. Huston
sm15.gif That Little Sunny Southern Girl of Mine (1907) Chas. L. Johnson J.E. Jeter (words)
sm15.gif Maude Fealy (1905) J. Hurley Kaylor
sm15.gif Canebreak Harvest Dance (1905) Leo Oehmler
sm15.gif  In the Cotton Field (1905) Leo Oehmler
sm15.gif Lullaby at the Cabin Door (1905) Leo Oehmler
sm15.gif Plantation Belle (?) Leo Oehmler
sm15.gif Sasarida (1906) Albert Schuh
sm15.gif Kwang-Su (1901) Francis Schwinger
sm15.gif Abide With Me (1911) Charles E. Shermer C.N. Daniels (co-author)
H.F. Lyte (words)
sm15.gif Formanian (1907) Jas. F. Thomas
sm15.gif Cupid's Frolic Waltzes (1907) Grace Ida Winchell