William J. Cornish  (?-1950)
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William J. Cornish was an American pianist, composer and publisher of popular music. The little that is known about him has been gleaned from sheet music covers and that is that he composed A Trip To Niagara, a march & two-step in 1904. It was published by his own "Cornish Publishing Co., 53 West 28th Street, New York" and was respectfully dedicated to Miss Harriet C. Bailey. In 1908, the copyright was transferred to the De Luxe Music Co. and published by "Will Wood 17 West 28th Street, New York".
Cornish is also known to have published Love's Old Sweet Song (1904) by J.L. Molloy/ G. Clifton Bingham and The Mocking Bird (1904) by Frank W. Meacham.
According to family sources provided by his grand-daughter, Irene Cornish Thompson, William J. Cornish married Frieda Beutner perhaps in 1906. Their daughter Ada was born in 1909. He died in New Jersey somewhere around 1950. The family story is that he worked in a piano store and gave piano lessons in New York City writing some music on the side.
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