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 Schule für englische Concertina

Author:W.F. PrussakPrinted: 1982
Publisher: Musikverlag Zimmermann  
Copyright: Zimmermann 1982  
Suppliers: amazon.de   

Order No.: ZS 37
Publisher's blurb: "Suitable for self-instruction".
My comments:
Well, I'm not sure that the publishers blurb is quite accurate. This German language tutor has a certain charm in that it appears to be a facsimile of an early nineteenth-century work completely without any kind modern editing. The German used is quaint and extremely dated. It contains 60 exercises starting at a moderately difficult level finishing off with the absolute diabolical. On the other hand, if you ever got through these exercises then you are guaranteed to be a very competent concertina player. I find this tutor is not suitable for a beginner.