Just an old Navy Custom
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1979 Author: A. Cecil Hampshire
Publisher: William Kimber & Co. Ltd ISBN: 07183 0486 1
Copyright: A.C. Hampshire 1979    
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Publisher's blurb
Why do British Navymen refer to their Service as "the Andrew"? What is a "banyan party"? Was Nelson's body really brought back to this country pickled in rum to preserve it after Trafalgar as many believe? Do the tapes on a sailors collar commemorate our greatest admiral's greatest victories? What is, or was, the Admiralty "Black Book"? what connection was there between a duchess's riding habit and the choice of colour for the Navy's uniforms? Who as Fanny Adams, and what had she to do with Navy victualling? Who or what is a "bootneck"
These and a host of naval terms and expressions - some of them have become part of the every day language of shore - customs and traditions and their origins are authoritatively and entertainingly explained, with much historical background detail, by an author who has extensively researched this fascinating subject, and who himself served for many years in the Royal Navy.
Personal remarks:
This is another joy that every naval buff should have in his library. When writing up my first CD Ditty Box was the first place to look up everything you ever wanted to know about a DITTY BOX!