Scottish Gaelic-English/English-Scottish Gaelic Dictionary
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1994 Author: R. W. Renton, J. A. MacDonald
Publisher: Hippocrene Books ISBN: 0781803160
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Paperback: 162 pages, usually ships within 24 hours.
Amazon Reviews
Reviewer: Deborah Anne from Scotland/England/Kentucky
A handy quick reference Scots Gaelic to English/ English to Scots Gaelic that is easy to use and very handy in size and usage.
Reviewer: Claudia S. Murtaugh from Weimar, TX United States
I am currently wrapped up in the Diana Gabaldon series which is set in Scotland. I want to know how to say the Gaelic words used in the books. I majored in foreign languages and never had a dictionary that didn't include pronunciation. I returned the dictionary immediately (along with the Irish dictionary which was equally lacking).
Reviewer: Zack Davisson from Seattle, WA USA
This Scottish Gaelic-English/English-Scottish Gaelic Dictionary is a great portable reference for the Scots-Gaelic learner. It is less bulky than other, more complete, hardbound dictionaries, and contains a good selection of everyday vocabulary. I find it very easy to use and a great companion for lessons. A must have for everyone starting this wonderful language.
Reviewer: Robert Kaucher from Brasilia, DF Brazil
The problem with many of the reviews here is that they expect this book to be like McB's Etymological Dictionary.This book is 100% perfect for the learner who is just starting out. It lists the entries and their uses with the article, VERY important for people new to the language. The book is worth the price just for that.