Strictly for Grown-Ups
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1959 Author: Paddy Roberts
Publisher: Essex Music Ltd ISBN:  
Copyright: Essex 1958    
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Publisher's blurb: "The somewhat low and twisted songs in this collection are the mutterings of the leader of the Victorian 'beat' generation, and the original angry old man.
Paddy (Methuselah) Roberts is an ageing and rather passé; words and music man; a square in musical circles, unable to 'dig' the trends of today's jungle music, and who is happiest when reminiscing about his brief hours of glory (spread over a twenty-year period) when he wrote such commonplace doodles as "Horsey Horsey", "Softly Softly", "Lay Down Your Arms", "Meet Me On the Corner", "Pickin' A Chicken", etc., which disappointed his dear old intellectual mother but pleased his local bank manager. Among his hobbies is collecting antiques, and his most prized possession is himself.
This is probably the dear old man's last fling and is published more in pity than in hope. The author will be happy to supply a list of his other works which are not obtainable from your local music dealer."

Wow, they don't write blurbs like that any more!
Personal remarks:
This beautiful songbook and prize possession, illustrated by Michael ffolkes has the following titles: "Love isn't what it used to be","The Ballad of Bethnal Green","Don't upset the little kiddiwinks", "The big dee jay", "L'anglais avec son sang froid", "Love in a mist", "A Short Song", "I've got the blues", "Lavender Cowboy", "Poor little country girl" and"Follow Me".