A Guide to the Solo Songs of Johannes Brahms
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1995 Author: Lucien Stark
Publisher: Indiana University Press ISBN: 0253328918
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Hardcover - 374 pages (October 1995), usually ships within 24 hours.
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Lucien Stark discusses Brahms as a song composer - his indebtedness to folk song and to the songs of Schubert, his elevation of the piano to equal partnership with the voice, and his continual striving to create the musical equivalent of the poetry. In his detailed analyses of each of Brahms's 206 songs for voice and piano, Stark provides the German text, an idiomatic prose translation, a history of the song, and a description of its structure. He also discusses the role of the piano and the relationship between the text and the music. For performers, students, and teachers, "A Guide to the Solo Songs of Johannes Brahms" is a treasure-house of information and insight about a rich and varied repertoire.