Delight In Disorder
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Label: Deutsche harmonia mundi
Release Date: 11 April, 1995
Works performed by Pedro Memelsdorff (recorder), Andreas Staier (harpsichord)
The English Consort Of Two Parts 1640-1680
  1. Ayres
    Anon: 3 tunes new to John Playford's Dancing Master:
    On the cold ground (1665)
    The queen's delight (1665)
    Catherine Ogle (1687)
  2. William Lawes: Why so pale
    Henry Lawes: Bid me to live
    Anon: 2 tunes new to Playford's Dancing Master:
    Tune upon a Jig
    Kemp's jig (1651)
  3. Battles
    Nicola Matteis: Passages in Imitation of the Trumpet (1685)
    Anon: 5 marches and tunes from Playford's new tunes:
    Isaac's Maggot
    Walham Abbey
    The Marlborough
    The Granedier's March
    Glory of the Sun
    After Nicola Matteis:
  4. Suites
    Matthew Locke: Fantazie
    Locke: Suite in a
    Pavan, Almand, Courante, Ayre, Saraband, Jigg, Conclude thus
  5. Ballets
    Anon / John Cooper / William Lawes: Court Dances under Charles I & Charles II (1640-1665):
    Satyres Masque
    Adsonns Maske
    Saraband and Scottish Tunes
  6. Grounds
    Henry Purcell: Toccata in a
    Purcell: The Plaint
    Purcell: Ground in a
  7. Anon: The black Joak (c.1660)<
  8. Purcell: Ground in d