Ragtime Special
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Stomp Off Records
Release Date: 05 July, 1995
  1. Bees and Honey Rag, Les C. Copeland
  2. Ragtime Special, Joseph F. Lamb
  3. Turkey in the Straw (1896), Otto Bonnell
  4. The Red Rose Rag (1911), Percy Wenrich
  5. Ragged Rapids Rag, Joseph F. Lamb
  6. That Old Nashville Rag, Terry Parrish
  7. Meteor Rag, Arthur Cleveland Morse
  8. Lulu Wite, Brun Campbell
  9. One for Arthur, Terry Parrish
  10. Peaceful Henry (1901), Edward Harry Kelly
  11. The Smiler (1907) - A Joplin Rag, Percy Wenrich
  12. When Ragtime Rosie Ragged the Rosary, Lewis F. Muir
  13. Old Home Rag, Joseph F. Lamb
  14. Beeswax Rag, Harry J. Lincoln
  15. Calliope Rag, James Sylvester Scott
  16. Dixie Queen (1906), a Southern Ragtime, Robert George Hoffman
  17. Charlie's Straight, Terry Parrish
  18. Tennessee Revival, Monroe H. Rosenfeld
  19. Bohemia (1919), Joseph F. Lamb
  20. Black Canary, Harry Austin Tierney
  21. Ma Ragtime Queen, John Frederic Barth
  22. Rapid Transit Rag, Joseph F. Lamb
  23. Swipesy (1900) Cakewalk, Scott Joplin
  24. Happy Days in Dixie (1896), Kerry Mills
  25. Bantam Step (1916), Harry Jentes
  26. Stompin' 'Em Down, Alexander Hill