Majestic Scotland
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Scotdisc
Release Date: 13 May, 2000
  1. Company Marches: Atholl Highlanders/Lord Alexander Kennedy/Ho Ro My Nut
  2. Highland Troop: My Home/Highland Cradle Song/Skye Boat Song/Skye Boat S
  3. 51st Highlanders Division/Battle of Waterloo/Killiecrankie/Marquis of H
  4. Caledonia/Devil's Staircase
  5. Colin's Cattle/Dunkirk Boatman
  6. She Moves Through the Fair/Airlie's Big Day
  7. Frank Thomson/Dundee City Police Pipe Band/Fairview Cottage
  8. Long Reveille: Soldier's Return/Grannie Duncan/Say Will Ye Yet (Wearing
  9. Glencoe
  10. Loch Maree
  11. Solo Piper Alistair Duthie: Sleep Dearie Sleep
  12. Morag of Duvegan/Lady Madelina Sinclair/Piper of Drummond/The High Road
  13. Amazing Grace
  14. Regimental Marches: Black Bear/Heilin' Laddie
  15. Dark Island/Itchy Fingers/Clumsy Lover
  16. Roses of Prince Charlie Ye Jacobite by Name/The Forty Second/Sword Danc
  17. Drum Salute
  18. Day Thou Gavest/Auld Lang Syne