The Black Watch: Scottish Pipe Band Favorites
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: EMI
Release Date: 06 April, 2004
  1. Soldier's Return/Grannie Duncan/Sae Will Ye Yet/Grannie Duncan/Miss Gir
  2. Glendaruel Highlanders/Blue Bonnets over the Border
  3. 74th Slow March/The Muckin O'Geordie's Byre/Atholl Highlanders
  4. Will Ye Go Lassie?/The 42nd/Scotland the Brave/Far O'Er the Sea
  5. 79th's Farewell to Gibraltar/The Dundee Military Tattoo
  6. Drunken Piper/Highland Laddie/The Black Bear
  7. After the Battlethe Green Hills of Tyrol/Lochanside/Loch Maree
  8. General Rennie/Sarafand/Elizabeth Herriot
  9. My Home/The Highland Cradle Song/Liberton Boys' Pipe Band
  10. Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie/The Rowan Tree/Bonnie Gallowa'/The Weary Maid/TH
  11. Drum Salute: Mahri Bhan Og
  12. Drum Salute: Killworth Hills
  13. 2/4 Marches: Farquhar MacRae/MacKay's Welcome to the 7lst; Marie's Wedd
  14. 3/4 Marches: My Faithful Fair One/Far O'Er Struy
  15. 6/8 Marches: Campbeltown Loch/The Lost Feather Bonnet/John D. Burgess/K
  16. Brentwood Bay/Toronto Scottish Regiment
  17. 4/4 Marches: The Auld Hoose/Lord Lovat's Lament/The Crusader's March/Ta
  18. Mingulay Boat Song/The Battle of Killie Krankie