Fats Waller: Portrait Vol.1
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Documents Classics
Release Date: 27 February, 2003
  1. S'posin'
  2. Copper colored gal
  3. I'm at the mercy of love
  4. Floatin' down to Cotton Town, Frank Henri Klickmann
  5. La-de-de, la-de-da
  6. Hallelujah! Things look rosy now (Vocal)
  7. Hallelujah! Things look rosy now (Instr.)
  8. 'Tain't good (Like a nickel made of wood) (Vocal)
  9. 'Tain't good (Like a nickel made of wood) (Instr.)
  10. Swingin' them jingle bells (Vocal)
  11. Swingin' them jingle bells (Instr.)
  12. A thousand dreams of you (Vocal)
  13. A thousand dreams of you (Instr.)
  14. A rhyme for love
  15. I adore you
  16. Havin' a ball
  17. I'm sorry I made you cry
  18. Who's afraid of love?
  19. Please keep me in your dreams
  20. One in a million
  21. Nero
  22. He's gone away
  23. I ain't got nobody
  24. The digah's stomp
  25. Red hot Dan
  26. Geechee
  27. Please take me out of jail
  28. Chloe (Song of the swamp)
  29. When you're with somebody else
  30. Willow tree, Thomas Waller
  31. 'Sippi
  32. Thou swell
  33. Persian rug, Charles Neil Daniels
  34. Handful of keys, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  35. The minor drag, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  36. Harlem fuss, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  37. Numb fumblin', Thomas (Fats) Waller
  38. Ain't misbehavin', Thomas (Fats) Waller
  39. Sweet Savannah Sue, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  40. I've got a feeling I'm falling, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  41. Love me or leave me
  42. Gladyse, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  43. Valentine stomp
  44. Waiting at the end of the road
  45. Baby, oh! Where can you be?
  46. Waiting at the end of the road
  47. Baby, oh! Where can you be?
  48. Tanglefoot
  49. That's all
  50. Goin' about
  51. My feelin's are hurt
  52. Smashing thirds
  53. Lookin' good, but feelin' bad
  54. I need someone like you
  55. Big business (Part )
  56. Big business (Part )
  57. My fate is in your hands
  58. Turn on the heat
  59. Lookin' for another sweetie
  60. Ridin' but walkin'
  61. Won't you get off it, please?
  62. When I'm alone
  63. StLouis blues
  64. After you've gone
  65. Girls like you were meant for boys like me
  66. Arkansas blues
  67. Egyptian Ella
  68. I'm crazy 'bout my baby (and my baby's crazy 'bout me)
  69. Dallas blues
  70. Royal Garden blues
  71. I'm crazy 'bout my baby (and my baby's crazy 'bout me)
  72. Draggin' my heart around
  73. A shine on your shoes (Louisiana hayride)
  74. A porter's lovesong to a chambermaid
  75. I wish we were twins
  76. Armful o' sweetness
  77. Do me a favor
  78. Georgia May
  79. Don't let it bother you
  80. Have a little dream on me
  81. Serenade for a wealthy widow
  82. How can you face me?
  83. Sweetie pie
  84. Mandy
  85. Let's pretend there's a moon
  86. You're not the only oyster in the stew
  87. Honeysuckle rose
  88. Believe it, beloved
  89. Dream man (Make me dream some more)
  90. I'm growing fonder of you
  91. If it isn't love
  92. Breakin' the ice
  93. African ripples, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  94. Clothes line ballet
  95. Alligator crawl
  96. Viper's drag
  97. I'm a hundred percent for you (Vocal)
  98. I'm a hundred percent for you (Instr.)
  99. Baby Brown (Vocal)
  100. Baby Brown (Instr.)
  101. Night wind
  102. Because of once upon a time
  103. I believe in miracles
  104. You fit into the picture
  105. Louisiana fairy tale
  106. I ain't got nobody (and nobody cares for me) (Vocal)
  107. I ain't got nobody (and nobody cares for me) (Instr.)
  108. Whose honey are you? (Vocal)
  109. Whose honey are you? (Instr.)
  110. Rosetta (Vocal)
  111. Rosetta (Instr.)
  112. Pardon my love
  113. What's the reason (I'm not pleasin' you) (Vocal)
  114. What's the reason (I'm not pleasin' you) (Instr.)
  115. Cinders
  116. (Oh Susannah) Dust off that old pianna
  117. Lulu's back in town
  118. Sweet and slow
  119. You've been taking lessons in love
  120. You're the cutest one
  121. I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
  122. I hate to talk about myself
  123. Dinah
  124. Take it easy
  125. You're the picture (I'm the frame)
  126. My very good friend the milkman
  127. Blue because of you
  128. There's going to be the devil to pay
  129. th Street rag
  130. There'll be some changes made
  131. Somebody stole my gal
  132. Sweet Sue, just you
  133. Truckin'
  134. Sugar blues
  135. Just as long as the world goes 'round and 'round
  136. Georgia rockin' chair
  137. Brother, seek and ye shall find
  138. The girl I left behind me
  139. You're so darn charming
  140. Woe! Is me
  141. Rhythm and romance
  142. Loafin' time
  143. (Do you intend to put an end to) A sweet beginning like this
  144. Got a bran' new suit
  145. I'm on a see-saw
  146. Thief in the night
  147. When somebody thinks you're wonderful
  148. I've got my fingers crossed
  149. Spreadin' rhythm around
  150. Am little bit independent
  151. You stayed away too long
  152. Sweet thing
  153. Fat and greasy
  154. Functionizin'
  155. I got rhythm
  156. The panic is on
  157. Sugar rose
  158. Ohh! Look-a there, ain't she pretty?
  159. Moon rose
  160. West wind
  161. That never-to-be-forgotten night
  162. Sing an old-fashioned song
  163. Garbo green
  164. All my life
  165. Christopher Columbus
  166. Cross Patch
  167. It's no fun
  168. Cabin in the sky
  169. Us on a bus
  170. Stay
  171. It's a sin to tell a lie
  172. The more I know you
  173. You're not the kind
  174. Why did I lie to myself about you?
  175. Let' sing again
  176. Big chief De Sota
  177. Black raspberry
  178. Back up to me
  179. Fractious fingering
  180. Paswonky
  181. Lounging at the Waldorf, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  182. Latch on
  183. I'm crazy 'bout my baby
  184. I just made up with that old girl of mine
  185. Until the real thing comes along
  186. There goes my attraction
  187. The curse of an aching heart
  188. Bye-bye baby