Fats Waller: 1936
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Classics/Qualiton
Designation: #797
Release Date: 01 January, 1995
  1. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
  2. More I Know You
  3. You're Not the Kind
  4. Why Do I Lie to Myself About You?
  5. Let's Sing Again
  6. Big Chief de Sota
  7. Black Raspberry Jam, Thomas Waller
  8. Bach Up to Me
  9. Fractious Fingering, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  10. Paswonky, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  11. Lounging at the Waldorf
  12. Latch On, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  13. I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby And My Baby's Crazy 'Bout Me, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  14. I Just Made Up With That Old Girl of Mine
  15. Until the Real Thing Comes Along
  16. There Goes My Attraction
  17. Curse of an Aching Heart, Al Piantadosi
  18. Bye Bye Baby - Fats Waller
  19. S'posin'
  20. Copper Colored Gal
  21. I'm at the Mercy of Love
  22. Floatin' Down to Cotton Town, Frank Henri Klickmann
  23. La-De-De, La-De-Da